Wye Valley Learning Network Series

From Spring 2015 to Autumn 2016, Creative Workshops did a 3-part series entitled ‘The Colour of My Skin, with the Wye Valley Learning Network (WVLN) of schools in Herefordshire. WVLN consists of 10 primary schools that work together on different projects.

The series started in February 2015 with the Travelling the World workshops being done in each of the 10 schools over a few weeks. Then from September to October 2015,  Life in the Sun workshops in each school followed by the third workshop in the series; The Windrush & Britishness, from September to November 2016.  The series went well with much learning on the part of the children and staff as well as our presenters.

The Wye Valley Learning Network shared the following review of ‘The Colour of My Skin’ series:

Our cluster of schools worked in partnership with Creative Workshops to develop a ‘bespoke’ package that catered for our needs. As part of the package each school received a half to whole day visit (or more in some cases) that focused upon developing a wider cultural understanding of Multi-cultural Britain from a variety of perspectives and contexts. Each class (from Reception up to Year 6) worked with a workshop facilitator to develop their understanding of what it means to live in a multi-cultural country as we do.

We found the sessions to be well researched and informative. Sessions were well planned and helped to deepen our children’s understanding of cultural awareness issues in the context of our schools. The sessions were progressively more challenging and were able to really make some of our older children challenge their preconceptions about cultural diversity in our day and age. We would recommend the workshops to all schools that take an active role in the development of their children’s cultural identity and education.

Some of the comments from the staff of the schools included:

Travelling the World

“Fantastic resources, pitched at right level.” (Reception)

“The children were very excited and motivated. Good points to take back to the classroom.” (Year 3)

“Travelling the World story, historical content, questioning and reasoning.” (Year 5/6)

“Pupils were immediately engaged and interested and eager to find out more. They wanted to talk about what they had learnt find out more after.” (Year 2/3)

Life in the Sun 

“Children were thoroughly engaged and loved the games and songs.” (Reception)

“Liked the plenary links to PSHE.” (Year 5)

“So much! – My class loved the songs and games. They also liked the pictures and display.”

The Windrush & Britishness

“Lovely photographs and song for children to join in with. Appropriate length too.” (Reception)

“Relevant and engaging—well done for dealing with very young children well. Our children have very limited experiences so what you do is essential.” (Reception/Year 1)

“The children enjoyed finding out about the family links—personal experiences –shop game.” (Year 3/4)

“Relevance for children living in rural area on immigration and how British values relate to it.” (Year 5/6)

Other Workshop Testimonials

Caribbean Cooking 

“It was perfect!”

“Really good and easy to understand and learn”

Black History

“Very good to make pupils think”

“Excellent presentation, very knowledgeable”

“They linked parts of the presentation and activities to personal experience of their own family and friends which made the hole experience more accessible to all”

Cross Cultural Socialisation (Staff Training)

“Opportunities to discuss and interact”

“Great insight”

“Good examples well explained!”

“Opportunities for discussion and questions”