Mediation & Advocacy

Mediation & Advocacy

Does your organisation need to address…

?  mounting tension and misunderstanding between employee groups due to  cultural difference?

?  conflict issues between managers and employees of different cultures?

?  language and communication barriers to effective working relationships?

?  emotive situations with feelings and expressions of racial prejudice and bias?

?  misunderstandings before they escalate into costly legal proceedings

?  how to arrive at mutually satisfying solutions for all parties in disputes involving indigenous and minority workers or clients?

?  representation indigenous or ethnic minority people in resolving disagreements?

Our Service

Our Mediation & Advocacy service could be what you need to address the issues that your organisation is facing. We want to help ensure that cultural diversity in your organisation becomes a rich resource to help your organisation progress rather than being a liability retarding advancement.

We take a principled impartial approach that all parties can recognise and be comfortable with. Through this, we seek to create an open, honest, fair and caring atmosphere that is conducive to listening, understanding, empathy, cooperation and reconciliation.  Our approach is underpinned by clear moral values and integrity.