Help and Support

Whether you are a pupil, parent, teacher, school or community group, we are here to help. If you have any questions not addressed on our website, please do contact us and we will try our best to help or point you in the right direction. Below are some questions and suggestions:

For Pupils

  • Are my friends from other cultural groups or mainly from your own?
  • How can I understand and get on better with pupils at school who are from other cultures, races or religions?
  • What could I do to help support friendships between pupils from different cultures, races or religions?

Culture Club

Why not start a culture club in your school, where pupils of different cultures can come together and share about their countries and ways of life. There could be activities like quizzes, book reviews, research, games, recipe exchange, storytelling and so much more. Questions, discussions and opportunities to clear up misunderstandings could also be addressed. Pupils could see how they can learn from each other and take on some of the things from other cultures that they like.  The club could encourage activities and friendships in and out of school across different cultural groups. For more specific guidance we recommend speaking to the Head Teacher who may contact us.

For Parents

  • Why is my child is experiencing difficulties at school due to their culture and language?
  • How could I encourage my child’s school to address cultural diversity issues more effectively?
  • What could I do to share about my culture at my child’s school?
  • In what ways could I help to solve specific cultural diversity problems between different groups in my child’s school?

Cultural Exchanges

You and others from your culture could offer presentations and discussions about your culture for pupils, teachers and other parents. This could include sharing some of your foods, cultural practices and family’s experiences coming to Britain. You could also share anything that would help the school to understand your child better and help the school environment to be a more welcoming one for minority cultures. The majority indigenous British culture could also be invited to share.


  • How can I be better equipped for working with other staff, pupils, parents and communities from culture, race or religions different to my own?
  • Do pupils and parents from EAL backgrounds, other cultures or religions  in my schools, believe that I understand, empathise and help with their needs?
  • What can I do as an individual teacher to promote and enrich cross-cultural socialisation in my own life, classroom and school?

Community Links

For your own personal and professional development, you could visit cultural groups and settings in the local communities that your pupils come from including the majority indigenous community. Where appropriate, you could share some of the cross-cultural issues being faced in the school and engage with members of these cultures to get their perspectives and involvement in resolutions. Where appropriate, you could establish personal relationships, based on trust, mutual respect and common interest. You can approach this as a learner to enhance your understanding and working with pupils and families from other cultural groups.


  • How can my school be a welcoming place for migrant, refugee and EAL pupils?
  • How do I make this a priority for my school?
  • Could meaningful cross-cultural socialisation amongst pupils help to promote their improved all-round development?
  • What could we do to promote wider, deeper friendships across cultures?

Richer Friendships

Your school could promote broader cross-cultural friendships between pupils of different cultures who have varied experiences of being in Britain. Help pupils to think about why you have chosen the friends they have. What are the more superficial reasons and what are the more meaningful reasons? Help pupils to look further beyond colour, nationality and language to deeper character qualities important for good lasting friendships. Consider the values that your school needs to be teaching and instilling to make this happen.


  • Would you like to be better equipped for dealing with people of other cultures, races or religions?
  • Are you from a minority group that needs help in dealing with issues you are facing in your community?
  • Would you like to discuss issues in the media to do with refugees, migrants and minority groups in Britain?

Intercultural Forum

Why not start an intercultural forum in your community? Different cultural groups could visit each other’s community settings and share about their cultures. Common issues facing the whole community or problems between certain cultural groups could be jointly addressed. The forum could dialogue with school staff and governors on issues and work with them on addressing matters within the school context. You could help awaken schools to see their opportunities to do a preventative work through promoting cross-cultural understanding and harmony from an early age.