Staff & Family Learning

Staff & Family Learning

Cross-cultural Socialisation (Staff Training)

These  workshops address the vital issue of cross-cultural socialisation in schools. They consider how families, pupils and staff from different cultures  are engaging in schools and identifies common patterns  and issues.

Important prerequisites for a rich integration of different cultures are considered. Then practical strategies are devised to make a real difference to the well-being of all members of the school community including pupils, families and staff.

Options available:

  • Whole day Workshops
  • Half-day Workshops
  • 75 mins Twilight Session

Please see our leaflet: CrossCulturalSocialisation_CWU

Family Learning

Our Cross-cultural Socialisation workshops and most of the pupil workshops can be done in Family Learning sessions to extend the learning parents. This can help schools in their Community Cohesion work through improved cultural awareness and relations. Family Learning sessions include the following options:

  • Parents attending sessions with their children during school time
  • Separate sessions for parents during school time
  • After school twilight session with parents and children
  • After school twilight session with parents and staff
  • Bespoke sessions.