Our Workshops

We offer a variety of workshops which deal with different aspects of cultural diversity and the many issues it presents. Each workshop is complete in itself and can be done individually. However, to get the most out of the workshops, they are best done as a part of a series where learning can be built on progressively over a longer period of time.

Our range of workshops below are for:                                                                                 Primary schools     Secondary schools     Staff and Family Learning

  • Travelling the World
  • The Windrush  & Britishness
  • Life in the Sun
  • The Colour of My Skin
  • Learning, Lessons & Living from Black History
  • Dealing with faith & Difference
  • The Immigration Debate
  • Friendly Culture
  • Cross-cultural Socialisation
  • Cultural Foods & Healthy Eating
  • Improving Emotional Intelligence
  • Bespoke workshops

Workshops for pupils are usually 30 to 60 minutes in length and are presented through a range of activities to facilitate optimum learning. These include: simple role play, story, discussion, thought provokers, quizzes, singing, hands-on with artefacts, personal experiences and anecdotes, scenarios, creative expression, games, audiovisuals, follow-on activities and research.

Workshops can be done individually or as a series at a reduced price with groups of schools working together. Bespoke workshops are also available by arrangement.

Cluster Plan 

The Cluster Plan is an initiative designed to encourage schools within the same area to work together and jointly improve cultural awareness in the lives of their pupils and the wider community. It enables schools to work together towards common goals in a sustainable and more cost effective way. Schools will do a three part series of workshops consisting of:

  • Travelling the World
  • Windrush & Britishness
  • Life in the Sun

Schools do a least one workshop a year though they can do more if they wish.

Please see our Three Part series leaflet TheColourofMySkinSeries

Literacy & Numeracy Focus

Our ‘add + write in black x white’ Workshops are aimed at using the topical issues of cultural diversity as a vehicle for helping to improve literacy and numeracy. We give a special focus to the literacy and numeracy aspects of our workshops and provide follow-on activities to help teachers develop the ideas further in class after the sessions. This approach allows schools to do our workshops in the context of current literacy and numeracy strategies. Matters relating to PSHE, RE and History are also significant parts of the content.