English as an Additional Language (EAL)



Support for EAL

All of our workshops contain elements that will help schools in addressing EAL matters. These include:

  • Highlighting the history and place of different cultures in Britain.
  • Understanding what new migrant arrival in Britain have to face and go through in adjusting to life in Britain
  • Helping first language English speaking children appreciate some of the barriers that EAL people and other cultures in adjusting to life in Britain
  • Opportunities for the enrichment of all pupils in school through language difference
  • How language difference, all that is associated with it, can be a doorway to a broader learning experience for all
  • Understanding what are superficial and what are deeper issues of difference between EAL and non EAL people
  • The personal experiences of minority people in Britain

Cross-cultural Socialisation Workshops

These workshop sessions for staff, pupils and parents are good contexts for addressing EAL issues. They address matters like:

  1. What cross-cultural socialisation is and its importance in schools
  2. Recognising cross-cultural socialisation patterns and issues
  3. Socialisation problems between EAL and non EAL pupils
  4. Appreciating some of the challenges and impacts of cross-cultural socialisation in schools
  5. Why pupils often tend to stick to their own language and cultural groups
  6. The importance of engaging parents in effective cross-cultural socialisation
  7. How language and other differences can  aid in richer cross-cultural socialisation
  8. How to encourage meaningful cross-cultural friendships within the school community.

Please see our leaflet:  CrossCulturalSocialisation_CWU