Culture at Work

Culture at Work

Cultural Difference at Work

The single most common contributor to conflict is differences in personality or styles of working, supporting a relational  view of conflict. (Getting under the skin of workplace conflict, CIPD Survey Report April 2015).                                                    
Personality and working styles are very much influenced by our cultural backgrounds. Cultural difference among workers and clients can be a cause of misunderstanding, suspicion, discontent and conflict in your organisation?

?  How is your organisation addressing cultural difference?

?  Could my workers be under performing or my clients be discontented due to poor cross-cultural socialisation?

?  Do I know what it is like fitting in as an immigrant or second language English speaker?

?  Is the well-being and success of my workers or clients be hindered by poor cultural understanding?

?  Is my organisation  equipped to facilitate integration of indigenous, migrant, refugee and EAL groups?

?  Do I need effective mediation or advocacy on cultural issues?

Our Answers

We at Creative Workshops Unlimited are now taking our distinctive approach to cultural diversity in schools to the workplace. Whether you are a business, a public sector service, a charity or an educational institution, if you are dealing with people, you need to consider the importance of cultural diversity and the significant issues it presents in the workplace.

Cross-cultural Socialisation

Our Cross-cultural Socialisation interactive workshops consider how workers and clients from different cultures and language groups are engaging in work contexts.  They identify common patterns and issues and address unconscious prejudice; glass ceilings; political politeness; communication; releasing the potential of cross-cultural environments; shared values for all cultures and principled professionalism.

Prerequisites for the integration of different cultures are considered. Practical strategies are then devised to ensure more meaningful cross-cultural socialisation. You can have improved work performance and client satisfaction for all cultural groups in your organisation.

We also offer a Mediation and Advocacy service to resolve specific cultural conflict issues in more direct ways.

Please see our leaflet: Cross-culturalSocialisation&Mediation