About Us

Creative Workshops Unlimited is an education agency born out of a recognised need for pupils in schools to be better informed and equipped for dealing with cultural difference. We saw that many pupils had very limited interaction with cultural groups different to their own and it quickly became apparent that there was much ignorance, misunderstanding and even prejudice towards other cultures and minority groups in Britain.

Our work is designed to deal with the deeper innate thinking, perceptions and attitudes behind ignorance, prejudice, fear or patronising views towards other cultures and minority groups in society. We aim to help pupils and staff move forward in their understanding, appreciation and engagement with people from other cultural, language or religious groups.

Our workshops integrate values and principles that when truly embraced at a deeper level can lead to a real change in attitudes and behaviours, rather than just a modified outward correctness of behaviour.

Neal Lawrence, teaching consultant and founder of Creative Workshops, draws on a wide range of experience from over 25 years in education and training with different cultures and language groups. These include African, Black Caribbean, Gypsy, Roma, Traveller, Asian, American Indian. He has taught in a variety of educational  contexts at all levels from early years to university and has trained or presented to parents, teachers and other organisational leaders. His work also includes overseas assignments.

All of our presenters are from ethnic minority communities with a wealth of personal experiences to share.                                                                                                  


Creative Workshops have:

  • Delivered a range of cultural diversity workshops in schools since 2007
  • Worked in over 150 schools
  • Worked with individual schools and cluster groups of schools in West Midlands, Telford, Shropshire, Powys, Ceredigion, Herefordshire and Gwynedd
  • Supported pupils and staff to have a better appreciation of cultural difference and the opportunities for personal development that it presents
  • Developed good relationships with staff and children in many schools especially where we have done regular work.

We are currently broadening access to our services to facilitate wider areas and sectors across Britain. This includes delivering cultural diversity and cross-cultural socialisation programmes in public sector and business organisations.