“We should treat everyone the same whatever their cultural background.”

Would you agree?

Would most students, staff, workers or clients in your organisation agree?

If so, we challenge you to think further. Why? Well, put simply, everyone is not the same and so does not necessarily want to be treated the same as everyone else. Whether your school, institution, business or public sector organisation is mono cultural, or culturally diverse, each person is unique and would want to be treated according to who they really are.

Is there a need to understand cultural difference in your school or organisation? Are there attitudes which reveal ignorance, prejudice or unwitting racial bias? Are there stereotypical and set views about minority or indigenous cultural groups? Or perhaps there is a struggle at times to integrate and practice real equality for all cultural groups.

Below the seeming calm in relationships, are there unresolved issues between different cultural groups? Maybe relationships are being shaped by unwitting suppressed emotions and attitudes that need to be unravelled and addressed in constructive ways in order to have a more healthy and productive organisational culture for everyone.

What we can offer?                                          


For more than a decade, we have been offering cultural diversity workshops to schools. Our workshops engage with pupils to explore and develop their thinking, attitudes and behaviours towards people of other cultures, races, language groups and religions living in the UK. Pupils are challenged on a deeper level to understand cultural difference and how they can relate in more meaningful ways to those of other cultures. Cultural intelligence skills are developed to help equip children and young people for life in a changing and sometimes volatile multicultural Britain.

We offer a variety of interactive workshops  (30 to 60 minutes duration) presented through a range of activities including: thought provokers, simple role play, storytelling, debates, quizzes, song, hands-on,  viewing artefacts, personal anecdotes, scenarios, creative expression, games and follow-on research.

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Cross-cultural Socialisation Workshops for Staff and Family Learning

Our more recent workshop details the vital issue of cross-cultural socialisation in schools. They consider how families, pupils and staff from different cultures  are engaging in schools and identifies common patterns  and issues.

Important prerequisites for a rich integration of different cultures are considered. Practical strategies are  then devised to make a real difference to the well-being of all members of the school community including pupils, families and staff.

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Cross-cultural Socialisation leaflet

Public Sector and Business Organisations                                                              

Creative Workshops Unlimited is now taking its distinctive and successful approach to cultural diversity in schools into organisations and workplace settings like yours. Whether you are a business, a public sector service, a charity or an educational institution, if you are dealing with people, the chances are you may need to consider the importance of cultural diversity and the significant issues it presents in the workplace.

Cross-cultural Socialisation Workshops for Managers and Employees

We want to help you turn cultural difference into a creative advantage for your organisation. Our interactive workshops consider how workers and clients from different cultures and language groups are engaging in the work place. They identify common patterns and issues, address unconscious prejudice and consider shared principles for all cultures.

Prerequisites for the integration of different cultures are considered. Practical strategies are then devised to ensure richer more meaningful cross-cultural socialisation. You can have improved work performance and client satisfaction for all cultural groups.

Mediation and Advocacy Service

Cultural difference can be a cause of misunderstanding and conflict in the workplace. We offer a Mediation and Advocacy service to resolve specific cultural conflict issues in more effective and lasting ways.

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Cross-culturalSocialisation & Mediation leaflet

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